At C.O.R.E., we understand that every dog has different nutritional needs that can vary based on breed, age, weight, activity level and allergies. That’s why we offer customized nutrition services for dogs that are designed to offer your pet the optimum level of healthy nutrients and vitamins needed to maintain energy, vitality and overall health.

With the right diet combined with a healthy lifestyle, you can help your dog live a longer, happier and more active life. At C.O.R.E., we recommend pawTree Dog Food for all of our clients. pawTree is an innovative solution for dog owners who are looking for high quality nutrition for their pet. pawTree customized dog food formulas are custom blended to fit your pet’s current health and their activity level. It’s the perfect solution for dogs with allergies, weight problems and others who could benefit from a customized nutritional plan.

It’s easy to sign up and get started using pawTree nutritional services for your dog, and you’ll start seeing results from the improved diet in no time. Plus, you can customize your packages with your dog’s photo and name, the perfect touch for homes with multiple dogs.

To sign up for pawTree, just submit some basic information about your pet and create a user account. Based on your pet’s health profile, pawTree will create a nutritional plan designed to address the specific health needs of your pet . pawTree utilizes a proprietary pet food formula combined with healthy supplements that are designed to resolve many of the common health issues that dogs experience. With pawTree customized nutritional formulas, you can help your dog get rid of problems with itching, excess gas or weight problems, all with one healthy dog food formula.

To learn more about pawTree, please review the company’s product and company videos page.





Why Sign up for a Customized pawTree Dog Food Plan with C.O.R.E.?

  • pawTree formulas utilize high quality ingredients and supplements that are designed to provide optimum health
  • Customized nutritional plans can help control allergies and other health conditions
  • Packages are conveniently delivered right to your door – no more lugging around big bags of food!

A big part of having a healthy dog is providing a healthy, well-rounded diet.  Make sure that your pet is getting all the nutrients they need by signing up for a customized nutritional plan that addresses specific health concerns or that simply helps your pet maintain a healthy body.  Sign up today!