What’s best for your dog?

Not all dogs are the same. Consequently, not all dogs need the same amount or type of training. At C.O.R.E. we will customize the best plan for you and your dog’s needs. Additionally, you will receive a C.O.R.E. QUICK GUIDE to help you apply our proven and tested principles to develop a well-balanced dog.Throughout each session we will show you how to integrate C.O.R.E.’s principles into every day life situations to build a strong, lasting, healthy relationship between you and your dog.

All private training, with the exception boarding and training and the 10 session package, are done in the convenience of your home. The boarding and training program is done in our fabulous West Hollywood home facility . Please see our Boarding Page for more information. Below are examples of our most popular packages and what can generally be accomplished within that time frame. All sessions are an hour long.​ Please call for a free phone consultation and schedule a session.

Single Private Session $95

Within a single session, your dog will learn what is expected and why you are pleased when they meet your expectations. We can also offer solutions/management plans to address specific behavioral issues.

Three Private Sessions $270

Much can be accomplished in three sessions. A strong foundation of basic obedience will be established for your dog.

Six Private Sessions $510

This package is recommended for clients that want their dogs or puppies to be solid on all standard obedience cues and/or behavior modification plan.

Ten Private Sessions $800

This advanced training package will help your dog apply all standard obedience cues in more distracting situations, and environments. You can now confidently take them to more places knowing they will behave.