The number one killer of dogs isn’t parvovirus, distemper or even cancer. It is “bad” behavior. People, unaware of how to solve behavioral issues normal to dogs but aggravating to humans, surrender their dogs to shelters where they more than likely will be killed…within days. Expert dog trainer, Anthony Silva and owner of C.O.R.E. Dog Training & Boarding, has loved animals, especially dogs, since childhood. His love for animals and passion for rescuing and training led him to become a professional dog trainer. It was 15 years ago that he discovered this passion when he rescued two Smooth Fox Terriers that came with a myriad of behavioral issues he had to fix. Over years of training experience, seminars, and certification through Animal Behavior College, Anthony has honed his skills and developed user-friendly dog training principles, C.O.R.E. (Consistency, Once, Rewards, Exercise). These principles take the second guessing and confusion out of dog training and help people become the trustworthy, benevolent leader their dog needs. An avid animal advocate, Anthony donates his training expertise to rehabilitate dogs in Los Angeles for Bark and Bitches so they can find forever homes.  He is Karma Rescue’s trainer, evaluating dogs for placement, helping foster families with issues specific to rescues and training dogs to become adoptable.  He is also a mentor trainer for Animal Behavior College’s Externship Program. Click on the YouTube button to see him at work!


Lisa Danielle 1 Lisa
Lisa has had numerous years of experience working with rescue animals (some from horrid situations) and compassionately understands the behaviors that sometime accompanies a rescue. She welcomes your pup and assists in helping them become more socialized, less fearful & works on getting rid of those unwanted habits. They will always receive lots of love & affection, praise and most importantly….patience.
Anna Gilinets Anna
Anna has been training dogs for 15 years. She has trained different types of  service and therapy dogs for non profit organizations Canine Support Teams and Pathways to Hope dogs for autistic kids. Anna has worked with a variety of sizes and breeds both adult dogs and puppies. She has experience with obedience,behavior modification, and aggressive dogs. She is AKC certified to train and test for Canine Good Citizen. Anna has a range of training techniques that focus on positive reinforcement and classical conditioning theory.