CAN I BOOK LESS THAN 2 WEEKS BOARD & TRAIN? - Not if this is the first time your dog has trained with us. When we've done shorter periods in the past it hasn't been received as well by the dogs. Quite often we have to undo what the dog has learned previously before we can move forward with our CORE Training program which takes time.


I'M GOING TO BE AWAY LONGER THAN 2 WEEKS... CAN YOU KEEP MY DOG LONGER? - Occasionally a dog may need more than two weeks board and train to completely move past previous bad habits. If this is the case, then we will charge each additional night at $175. This is rare, however, so we're more than happy to continue looking after your pup on a board only basis. Rates can be found here.


I'M WORRIED ABOUT LEAVING MY DOG FOR 2 WEEKS+ - tIt's in their best interest to be away from common distractions and everyday life situations while they learn the CORE principles. We will also send you videos or pictures every evening to show their progress.


WHO WILL BE LOOKING AFTER MY DOG IF THEY BOARD WITH YOU? - More information on our team can be found here. We've looked after and trained dogs owned by some of the biggest names in Hollywood & Los Angeles so we're confident you and your pup will be just as happy with our service as they have been. We also love dogs just as much as you so they won't be wanting for tummy rubs and cuddles... that is a promise! See our reviews page for more feedback.


WHAT WILL MY DOGS EAT WHILE IN YOUR CARE? - You will need to supply enough of your own food to cover your dogs stay with us.


CAN MY DOGS BRING A TOY AND A BED? - You are more than welcome to bring your dog's bed and a toy but we can't be held responsible for the condition they are returned to you in.


HOW CAN I PAY FOR YOUR SERVICES? - Please call us on +1 (323) 898-5445 to discuss payment options.


CAN I BOOK MY DOG IN FOR A REPEAT TRAINING PROGRAM? - If your dog has already had the full 2 weeks board and train program we're happy to offer a 'refresher' course based on $175 a night. If you're going to be away for longer then we can split their stay between our board & train program and standard vacation boarding.  


ARE THE DOGS IN YOUR PICTURES CLIENTS? - YES... every one of them. All have been taken by our team.


DO YOU ACCEPT PAYPAL FOR PAYMENTS? - Unfortunately not. We do however accept Cash, VENMO & SQUARE. 


If you have a question that hasn't been answered here, please contact us for more information.