Not all dogs are the same, consequently, not all dogs need the same amount or type of training. At CORE Dog Training we will customize the best plan for you and your dog’s needs. We will show you how to integrate CORE's principles into everyday life situations to build a strong, lasting, healthy relationship between you and your dog. For our latest training programs please scroll down past the video.


Our dog training and behavioral therapy is based on the principles of Consistency-Once-Rewards-Exercise (CORE) that was developed by expert dog trainer and owner of CORE Dog Training, Anthony Silva. Learn more about our C.O.R.E Principles in more detail below: 


Much like humans, dogs are more confident and secure when there is consistency in their lives. Through practical and standardized techniques, we’ll show you how to provide the consistency needed by clearly communicating the positive behavior you wish your dog to retain and those behaviors you wish to restrain. We will show you how to send a consistent message to your dog so that they always know what is expected from them.


While obedience training is essential in maintaining a well-balanced dog, instructing them to respond first time is very important. Simply put, cues should be said ONCE…always. When you repeat cues, your dog’s thinking:


 “Why should I respond the first time as Dad/Mom will say it a few more times reward me anyway.”

Teaching your dog to respond the first time a cue is given strengthens your leadership role, which in turn makes your dog more focused, secure and develops a strong need to please.


Research has shown that a positive, rewards-based training approach quickly develops balanced, secure, eager- to-please dogs. Rewards can range from food treats to a belly rub to playing ball, or going on a walk. It all depends on what your dog loves.


In order to receive these rewards, it is of the utmost importance your dog EARNS them. There can be no “free ride” if your dog is to be responsive, behaved, and eager-to-please.


Dogs need 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours of daily exercise, time frame dependent on the breed, age and personality of the dog. Even the most obedient dog will become rambunctious, depressed, or frustrated, not to mention fat, if they aren’t exercised. A tired dog is a well-balanced, happy dog.


What we often forget is that dogs need mental exercise as well. Keeping your dog’s mind engaged and challenged will tire him out more quickly than physical activity!