Every dog is different and some pups are better at sticking to their training than others. Sometimes there are just so many people in their lives like dog walkers, assistants & house keepers that a pup may become confused as to what is expected of them when they hear a command... or they just outright refuse to obey because one of their humans is a little to generous with treats regardless of the pups behavior. 

Our refresher program will quickly whip your pup back into shape and because we offer another EXIT SESSION we can teach your house keepers, assistants and larger family how they should be interacting with your pup too. 

TRAINING REFRESHER from $175 (per day) 

For dogs that have completed our two-week board and train program, we offer a refresher program on a per day basis. Here we'll target any behaviors that your dog may have reverted to as well as re-affirming the C.O.R.E dog training principles they was taught originally.

We NEVER use shock collars, prong collars, "alpha dog" tactics or any other form of negative reinforcement to 'simulate' good behavior in your dog. These techniques would ultimately run the risk of causing behavioral issues in the future.